Dive into thought-provoking discussions with Clive and Ali as they explore the intricate dynamics of race representation in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.

Join us, alongside our esteemed guests including CEOs, Professors, Founders and Board Members, as we embrace equity and work towards are more inclusive future in STEM.

Podcast Episodes

The Rapping Science Teacher: “I Wanted To Reach Kids Who Couldn’t Afford Tuition”

29 May 2024

Clive and Ali are joined by Matt Green to discuss the evolution of the Rapping Science Teacher, specifically, on teaching the GCSE science curricula through the medium of rap music. We discuss Matt’s foundations as an educator, starting a global tutoring business (with 80+ tutors) and the process of scaling up education to reach the masses by becoming a content creator.

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How Women Can Take Back Tech: “They Couldn’t Even Imagine A Black Woman Doing Mathematics”

29 May 2024

Clive & Ali are joined by Stemettes CEO, Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon, for a riveting discussion around representation in Tech. This episode is full of wisdom and gems garnered through years of experience at the head of companies and in the boardrooms of businesses. Anne-Marie’s charm and humour shine through, making this episode a MUST WATCH.

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Navigating Cultural Differences: “They Weren’t Used To Black People” but “We All Had The Same Aspirations”.

01 May 2024

Join Clive & Ali in this incredibly powerful episode, which explores Albert’s humble outlook on life, as well as providing practical guidance to creating connection and finding commonality as a minority.

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The Black Woman In STEM Experience: “I Was Ignored In Meetings”, “Only 1/4 Black Women In The School”.

25 April 2024

We explore the experience of being a Black woman in STEM and being skipped at the table, growing up as 1/4 Black people in the school, the power of allyship and routes in industry for a scientist & engineer.

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The Culture Of Chemistry Is Racist, Where Are All The Black Chemists? “0% Black Chemistry Professors, But I DO Exist!”

03 April 2024

Clive and Ali are joined by Professor Robert Mokaya OBE, lecturer in Materials Chemistry and Pro-Vice Chancellor for Global Engagement at the University of Nottingham

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Breaking The Glass Ceiling: “Losses Are A Lesson”, Equity vs Equality, UK Failing Black Chemists

20 March 2024

In this episode, we discuss Vanta STEM’s core values of “Equity” and “Mindset”, and how these principles have guided our success.

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Empowering Excellence: “Believe It To Achieve It”, Re-Write Your Self Story and Overcome Imposter Syndrome

06 March 2024

In this compelling episode, Clive and Ali delve deep into the core values that drive their mission of enhancing representation for Black individuals in STEM fields.

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An Introduction to STEM-inism

22 February 2024

Join Clive and Ali as they candidly share their personal journey and illuminate the paths of others who have courageously faced and overcome challenges in the pursuit of equity in STEM. This isn’t just another podcast about identity politics! Instead, we delve into the genuine issues and explore the barriers hindering progression in STEM, with a particular focus on the impact of race. Equity is the key.

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Overcoming Rejection: “From 3rd Class Degrees To Chemical Consultancy”, Starting A Brand From Scratch, Re-defining Success In STEM

21 February 2024

Have you ever felt the pain of rejection? Struggling to reframe your mindset? Well, this episode is for you!

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