How Women Can Take Back Tech: “They Couldn’t Even Imagine A Black Woman Doing Mathematics”

Clive & Ali are joined by Stemettes CEO, Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon, for a riveting discussion around representation in Tech. We explore the foundations and countless contributions of women in Tech and Engineering, from Gladys West (GPS) to Hedy Lamarr (Wi-Fi), while exploring how power dynamics seek to prevent entry and progression to Black women. Despite there being gatekeepers, Anne-Marie demonstrates the importance of women entering (and building) spaces that support diversity and reminds us to seek out environments where we thrive, instead of just being tolerated.

This episode is full of wisdom and gems garnered through years of experience at the head of companies and in the boardrooms of businesses. Anne-Marie’s charm and humour shine through, making this episode a MUST WATCH.

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