Navigating Cultural Differences: “They Weren’t Used To Black People” but “We All Had The Same Aspirations”.

Ali & Clive are joined by Petroleum & Chemical industry expert and Consultant Scientist, Albert Rwarasika.

Albert migrated to the West, following the end of colonial rule and change in country from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe. After fulfilling his childhood desire of “getting on a plane” he arrived in Czechoslovakia, which then underwent the fall of Communism via the Velvet Revolution, gaining independence to become Slovakia. Albert learned the local Slovak language and became a citizen and a student, before migrating the to UK in the early 90’s.

Having seen two political revolutions and travelled across the world to find opportunity, Albert has had to navigate the landscape of clearly being a minority in a non-diverse society. From “sticking out like a sore thumb” to finding commonality through language and culture, Albert demonstrates that although we have differences, globally we are akin in so many ways. From passions such as sport, to ambitions of creating a family, we must remember that our similarities are more pronounced that our differences.

This is an incredibly powerful episode and explores Albert’s humble outlook on life, as well as providing practical guidance to creating connection and finding commonality and finding commonality.

In Memory of Nigel – 2024

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