Achieve success in STEM beyond the limitations of racial and social inequity


Welcome to Vanta STEM

Clive and Ali here...


We are long term friends, colleagues, mentors and business owners with over 20 years combined experience in industry. In that time, we have often been the only Black person in our teams/departments... sometimes even in the entire company! Yet, we have successfully navigated the daunting landscape of being a minority in the STEM corporate environment.


We attribute our success to good mentorship,

shared accountability,

and to the development of our communication skills which

have allowed us to build valuable and rewarding networks.


It took time to learn these skills


Along the way we made costly mistakes, discovered harsh truths and experienced setbacks; partly due to looking, sounding and thinking "different". We learned to see these differences as strengths, which we now use to our advantage.


We're now in the best position to transfer those skills to others

Ali Saad
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Are you looking for your first role in industry?

Struggling to land an interview?

Early in your career and wondering how to progress?

Hesitant to ask for a salary increase?

We can help you with the above, and more.


We can motivate and guide you to success along the career path that you choose. Struggling to choose? We can help with that too!


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Our Services

Expert Mentoring

Expert Mentoring from experienced specialists to help navigate your path to success


Join our rapidly growing diverseĀ  network of STEM professionals and graduates to expand your circle of influence

Mindset Training

Develop your way of thinking from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset

Keynote Speaking

Highly engaging and motivational public speakers for graduations speeches, lectures and webinars

Our Values


In life, the only thing you can be sure to control is YOURSELF. We believe that self-concept and the self petals are essential for developing your career in STEM.

self-belief; self-motivation; self-esteem; self-awareness; self-love; self-development; self-empowerment; self-confidence.

Technical Excellence

The foundation of success in STEM is rooted in the building blocks of your technical ability. Learn new skills to add to your depth and breadth of experience to give you more options in the job market.


Our aim is to tear down barriers and smash glass ceilings of inequity, whilst taking into consideration our own unique challenges and starting points


The key to unlocking your true potential involves a paradigm shift from a fixed to growth mindset.